The Case For Full Suspension eBikes

Whether you use them for your daily commute or recreation, electric bikes are a lot of fun to drive. But if you are now considering buying an ebike, you should definitely consider looking into full suspension electric bikes.

Full suspension e bikes are popular among biking enthusiasts for several reason: 


  • There’s really nothing that compares to a full suspension bike when it comes to comfort and handling. You’ve got that nice suspension fork up front and you’ve got rear suspension so anything you hit, whether it’s with the front wheel or the rear wheel, you’re gonna have that nice dampening. It’s just gonna make your ride so much nicer if you’re going to be doing lots of commuting and street riding. 
  • If you’re doing a lot of off-road and definitely some more technical terrain, full suspension is almost a must. You can certainly do off-road riding with just a hardtail but the more technical you get and the better handling you want you’re going to want to start looking at a full suspension ebike.


  • The biggest downsides are the price and the increased weight. If you’re looking at a full suspension ebike you must be prepared to pay a decent amount of money as you’re probably not gonna find a good one for under two to three thousand dollars.

While there are cheaper options out there such as the hardtail or rigid no suspension bikes, you will have to sacrifice the comfort of your ride as you will end up doing all the work as it will be up to you to absorb those bumps and really stay nice and loose on the bike because even hitting something like a speed bump on these will just rocky right out of the saddle, especially if you are just sitting on the bike and you’re not paying attention.

Full suspension electric bikes are just so much fun. You can do so many more things on them: you can hit jumps and you can go on really technical trails and the whole ride is just so much more comfortable. So while these bikes are the most expensive on the market, the level of comfort they give to the rider make them a nice solution to have if you can afford it and you can also afford the extra weight that goes with these electric bikes.

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