All About Ebikes

The term ebike or “electric bicycle” may confuse those who have never heard the term or they may picture something like a scooter or an electric motorcycle.  Ebikes are actually quite different from those.  If you’re interested in learning about ebikes, we have everything you need right here.

What is an Ebike?

Ebikes are regular bikes with extra components such as:

  • a motor
  • a battery
  • a controller

Some models even have a display screen.  Besides these extra parts, ebikes are quite similar to regular bicycles.  Ebikes have the same type of wheels, handlebars, and frames.  The pedals and brakes usually work the same way as well, but some ebikes have a thumb throttle and/or pedal assist.  

How Do Ebikes Work?

Ebikes are said to work just like a regular bike.  The electric component of the ebike is only supposed to augment human power, not completely replace it.  For example, an ebike can make things like hills much easier to maneuver and you can travel much further without getting as tired.  Another advantage of the ebike is that it was designed to be easy to operate.

Different Types of Ebikes

There are 3 different types of ebikes.

  • Pedal Only: Having the pedal allows the rider to be able to operate the bike manually at any time.  This makes it perfect for beginners or people that just want a little flair with a regular bike.  A pedal ebike will come in either 3 or 8 gears.
  • Pedal Assist: Pedal assist ebikes gives you the combined advantages of human and electric power.  The motor will run gently as you petal and you can switch gears as the terrain changes.  There are 3 different levels of assistance available: low (30%), medium (60%), and high (100%).
  • Electric Only:  The motor on the completely electric versions of ebikes let you sit back and relax while it does all of the work.  To activate the electric only mode, just twist the throttle located on the left handlebar.  You’ll have to keep it turned to continue moving or you can let go if you want to pedal on your own.

In order to decide on an ebike or a regular bike, you should consider what you will be using the bike for.  If you are looking for something to get you across rough terrain or long distances, ebikes are probably the way to go.  Casual riders may need to look elsewhere.

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