How to mark lines of a football field

Any football field, whether for a children’s league, a local tournament or for major league matches or championships, must be prepared and ready at all times. One of the most important parts is the lines that delimit the areas of the playing field and you have to be clear about a series of data before painting. That’s why we want to teach you how to mark lines of a football field by hand or with a car mark fields.

Before doing anything you have to know the pitch, its size and the regulatory measures it should have. The official measures that FIFA marks a football field vary with a length of 90-120 meters and 45-90 meters wide. These measures change according to the age of the players, making the perimeter of the pitch more or less small. In many European countries, the common measure of most football stadiums has a measure of 105 meters in length and 68 meters in width.

The playing field is rectangular and consists of the following parts:

The perimeter of the field: these are the lines that delimit the playing field and are composed of the band lines, the longest, and the goal lines. The field is divided into two halves by another line, in which the point of the center of the field is located, around which the central circle is treated with a radius of 9.15 meters.

The penalty area or large area: are areas located at both ends of the playing field. It is formed by two lines perpendicular to the finish line located at 16.5 cm, which enters the field another 16.5 cm and joins with a parallel line. In the big area, the penalty point is marked, which is located 11 meters from the goal line.

The goal area or small area: like the previous one, it is located at both ends of the field and it is marked with two lines perpendicular to the finish line at 5.5 meters, which go another 5.5 meters into the court and that are joined with a parallel line.

Corner areas: in each corner of the playing field a quarter of a circle is marked towards the interior of the field with a radius of 1 meter over the goal and band lines.

All lines of the field of play must be continuous lines and have a similar width, being a maximum of 12 cm. The only lines that have to comply with these rules are those of goal since they must have the same width as the goalposts.

There are several options to mark lines of a football field, but the most common is to do it by hand by spray or with a car mark fields. Hand-marking is a cheaper option, but it takes more time and attention. If you opt for this option, the ideal thing for your lines to be perfect is that you make use of a ribbon mark fields to delimit the thickness of the lines.

For us, the best option is to make a car mark fields to paint the lines of the football field, which has a higher price, but the marking of the lines will be much faster and effective. Nowadays, we can find machines that work with lime and others with liquid paint. In the case of opting for the latter, there are many special plastic paints to paint the turf of soccer fields. They have the advantage that this type of paint can be diluted in water, which reduces the amount of paint used (each mark indicates the amount of mixture that must be made). The water used must be clean and the paint must mix well, reducing the number of sediments.

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