How to Make Money with Football

Football is arguably the most popular sport around the globe, with billions watching each weekend. And now you have the opportunity to make some extra cash from your passion for football. By becoming a referee you can earn an average of $500 per game. Clearly this is not the only way to make money off of football and related activities. This review takes a look at some of those common money-making ideas and ventures that fall in line with football.

Become a Referee

You don’t need any special skills or expertise – just a desire to officiate games. There are leagues and matches all over the world, so there’s always work available. Most games last 45 minutes, though depending on the league you may be playing two halves of 20 minutes. The pay depends on where you live, but it’s generally not bad at all.

Start Your Own Team

If you want to make money off of football then why not start up your own team or bet on your favorite team at best online casinos ? You can get players together, sell tickets, jerseys and so on. It doesn’t take much to begin and you could even do outreach for sponsors. Granted, this is not the easiest way to make money from the sport, but it’s available.

Sell Tickets

The best place to sell tickets is through online ticketing sites like StubHub, SeatGeek and Ticketfly. These websites let you list tickets and people purchase them directly from you. Sellers receive 70% of the revenue, which is usually less than the face value of the tickets.

Fantasy Sports 

The fantasy sports market has exploded recently and many participants play in more than one league simultaneously. Players draft their teams in advance, they trade them throughout the season and score points based on performance. Some people make huge sums of real money casino games while others win prizes.


It should be noted that these are just a few different angles from which you can make money off of football. If your goal is to make money fast and easy then selling tickets or fantasy sports is probably the best option you have. Note that the latter, in line with eSports betting, has a risk factor to it and you should not rush into it if you are new.

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