Will Liverpool’s next few matches bolster their chances?

It’s been a shaky start to the Premier League for Liverpool. The north-western 11, who finished in second place last season, had a successful start which saw many of Southampton’s former players taking on their old team mates.

After a 2-1 victory over Ronald Koeman’s southern outfit however, things have been going downhill for the team. Coming up against last season’s Premier League winners so early on cannot have been an easy task for the Reds, but a defeat to Aston Villa and West Ham would have been an additional blow for the team.

With their first Premier League win (in its current format) so close last year, it must be difficult for Brendan Rodgers to watch his team collapse, but there is light at the end of the tunnel for The Reds.

The team have a series of upcoming fixtures which could turn their fates around, including West Bromwich Albion, Queen’s Park Rangers and Newcastle.

A battle away at Newcastle on 1st November should easily secure three points for Liverpool. Alan Pardew’s boys have yet to win a match and at best have managed to secure a 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace and a 2-2 draw with last year’s FA Cup runners up, Hull City.

Meanwhile, prior to their journey to the north east, Liverpool will be hosting West Bromwich Albion at home on 4th October. The team have recently begun to show some potential after beating Tottenham Hotspur in their home ground on 21st September, but it should be an easy pairing for Liverpool if West Bromwich carry on their previous record of not winning a single game this season until then.

While Tottenham Hotspur were beaten by West Bromwich Albion, they did manage to crush Queen’s Park Rangers 4-0 on 24th August, and now QPR will face Liverpool in their home ground. They’ve had a reasonably respectable record playing at home this season, having beaten Sunderland 1-0 and drawn with Stoke City 2-2, but a match against Liverpool could spell bad news for the team.

Liverpool have notably been missing Luis Suarez this year. The star held the record for most goals scored in the Premier League last season, and following his international ban and move to Barcelona, things have been difficult for Liverpool. However, with a set of relatively easy fixtures going forward, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t climb the table.

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