The Battle of the Red and Blues

The Manchester football rivalry is so large that at times it feels like the fans, players and clubs will do anything to get one over on each other. With one of their biggest games against one another ever, both sets of fans are looking to make the day as exciting as possible. Although it happens on a yearly basis, the fans are on a mission to beat each other on the field, and then watch their team do the same.

In several locations in Manchester, fans will set up games in which they wear red and blue and face each other. With the increasing popularity of Morphsuits many fans are planning to play Morphsuit football on Sunday 22nd September. So, why not set up your own game, or find one to take part in?

Morphsuits look cool, they’re in fashion, and they show off whether you’re supporting the red or blue side of Manchester. Morphsuits are the perfect way to find comfort and reach the top of your game, so why not play Morphsuit football and show which side of the sity is better.

It seems like everyone has been partying in the build up to this huge clash. Famous runner Usain Bolt has recently claimed he tried to tire out Man City’s key player Sergio Aguero- he admitted the two athletes recently met and trained together at the Manchester City stadium, and Bolt, who openly shares his love of the red side of Manchester, admitted he was doing his best to cause problems for the dynamic striker.

Manchester City are currently leading the battle in the Morphsuits sales. They have sold 27% more than Manchester United, so come on you Red Devils fans, show your colour and show your pride. Enjoy this classic encounter, as this will be one of the most memorable games ever.

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