Premier League to be without sponsor next season

English Premier League is not going to get its title sponsored for the next season 2016-17. The doors are said to be closed for the coming season, according to the Daily Mail.

As Barclays has been sponsoring Premier League since 2004, but in 2016-17 the title will be simply called as ‘Premier League’. The new approach may be known as to look for new partnerships but allow the competition to be known as ‘The Premier League’.

With the effect of this sponsorship cancellation, it would be easier for Premier League to interact with its audience at global level.

The organisation’s main intention behind all this is to mirror American sports league i.e NBA and NFL as a clean brand. Having been sponsored by Barclays since 2004, The Premier League stressed their own individual ability and will pursue their own commercial model.

A premier league spokesman said ‘Barclays has been an excellent partner for the league throughout their sponsorship of the competition and we look forward to working with them in 2015-16, the final season of title sponsorship’.

The premier league didn’t have a title sponsor in its inaugural season of 1992-93, when its signed a four year £21 m deal with brewers carling- at the time of biggest in British sports. Carling subsequently paid triple amount of that, in order to get its position secured for a four year extension of sponsorship. At that time Barclays was ready to paid£48m for three years sponsorship in 2001.

In 2004, Barclays signed a deal with premier league in £57m for three years in 2004, which subsequently rises to £120m in 2012 for three years. However Bank’s indication was to renew the deal when it going to get expired in 2016.

However in a survey, few of the audience of premier league want it to be named as ‘Emirates FA cup’ instead of ‘premier league’ or Barclays premier league. And few of the audience are willing to get it named as same as ‘Barclays Premier League’. According to them if Barclays is paying good money than why to cancel the deal with them.

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