Tips for football betting beginners- How to start off betting

Watching a football ball game can be a very relaxing thing, or it can get really loud and passionate especially if one of the teams is the one you support. Nevertheless, there is some excitement bound to take place before the last whistle blows. Many agree that it would be a shame not to seize that opportunity to make things a little bit more interesting and even more exciting. You might be barely touching the edge of your seat now, when you’re just watching your favourite team play, but just wait until you place a bet on your team. You will see the match in a completely different light.  But how does one get started with betting? It’s not like you can try until you get it right since it costs money to “play”.  That being said, let’s take a look at the things you should or shouldn’t do.

Don’t go for the dull win bet

The worst thing you could do is go for the straight win bet. It’s true, that gives you a 50% chance of winning every single bet you make, but it also means that you have the same percentage chances of losing. Not to mention that you stand to win a lot less than you stand to win because of the odds. In matches where the two teams aren’t equal in strength, you will see a lot of odds starting with 1.x. These are very bad odds to bet on simply because there is hardly any return on them. The solution here is to bet on predictable things that promise a bigger return if you guess right, such as how many corner kicks will there be in the game, or how many yellow cards.

The matter of recent form

Whenever two teams are playing against each other in any sport, the matter of recent form is brought into the discussion. Of course, it matters a lot what the two teams have been doing in their previous matches but not enough so that you should disregard everything else. Make sure to keep other elements in mind such as the weather, which team plays better in the cold, which has new transfers that just came in, etc.

Be prepared to lose

The best advice that you can get is this: be prepared to lose. Regardless if it happens on your very first attempt, or your second, your tenth or after a hundred consecutive wins (that’s just a ridiculous example, don’t expect that to happen), you will eventually lose. That’s because betting can only get so close to a science before it turns into luck. Even if a team has all the odds in its favour, it might just mess up and lose to the worst team in the league. Things like this happen and they will mess up your ticket, so you have to be mentally ready when defeat comes knocking.

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