William Carvalho hinted summer move to Manchester United

The highly-rated Sporting Lisbon star William Carvalho has hinted that he could join the Premier League champions Manchester United at the end of the season, according to Skysports.com

The 21-year-old Angolan-born midfielder has a huge £37.1m buyout clause and still has four years left on his contract, has been under Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid’ interest.

The Portugal international told reporters:

“It could be Manchester United or Real Madrid. It’s just nice to have a great European club after me.”

According to Carvalho’s recent interview, move to Old Trafford seems to be interesting Carvalho the most.

It will be a great to see Carvalho’s in the Red Devils outfit, but the question is will Moyes spend big-money on him? Let us know here in comment section. what do you think should Moyes consider Carvalho in this summer?

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  • Have not seen carvalho play only on you tube but he is attracting a lot of interest from Madrid and utd 21 he is not at his peak or full filled his potential. it is a big gamble to spend that amount of money on a player who has not played in the premier league but if he proves to be half as good as yaya toure at city then for methat would be money well spent Moyes needs to spend heavy this summer to compete.I would like to see tonni kroos/Marc reus/Luke shaw/and a world class central defender in their either Garey or Hummel’s if Moyes can do this utd should retain that title.

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