EPL Football Clubs with the Best Jerseys

Football is the most popular sport worldwide and has the largest number of fans. In fact, we know that you love to watch every match and see how your team is doing as you spin those jokaroom casino online slots.

When it comes to football, clubs are sponsored by different companies, and part of the sponsorship entails getting jerseys. In this post, we will show you the football clubs with the best jerseys at the moment. Hopefully, you will find your favourite team here.

1. Liverpool

This English Premier League (EPL) football team definitely has one of the best jerseys around. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s definitely better and much nicer than others out there. This debut shirt comes with teal accents, which do a very good job throwing you back all the way to the 90s.

2. Manchester United

Although this team is not doing that great this season, it still has one of the best jerseys out there. Again, this is an EPL team. The red jersey is a classic for this team, and the new jersey is just as great. Hopefully, the team manages to remain in the top five of the log.

3. Chelsea

This football team is famous for its blue jersey, which has been its staple colour for decades. Chelsea’s jersey comes with a really nice fit and trim. Did you know that you at casinos in usa you can bet on your favourite team and stand a chance to win big

4. Manchester City

This football club has its jersey designed by PUMA. Lately, it seems that the sports designing company has actually been basing its designs off some local architecture, and we like it. This kit is really nice and amongst some of the best in the English Premier League.

5. Arsenal

Arsenal’s colour is red and has been for as long as we can remember. The jersey comes with some fitted sleeves, which look quite alright; if you ask us. The chevrons complete the whole look, making this a quite incredible kit.

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